Welcome to my Blog.

My name is Sayan Kumar. I am a 23 year old guy from India.

Currently, I am a full time blogger as well as a trader. Yeah, it may sounds weird.

So, let me tell you about my story.

I started my journey with blogging with a hope to earn money within my own comfort zone right from my home office in the year 2020 during the COVID outbreak.

Though that year, doesn’t proved to be helpful for me as I wasn’t able to make a penny out of it. That failure got me surrounded by depression and anxiety.

However, I stood against it and made my mind to never giveup and created my second blog in the year 2021 which proved to be a successful one. Thus, from being an unemployed guy I suddenly turned my status to Self Employed one.

But it’s not the end.

I am a guy who has a long term vision. That is where made me think of pursuing another income source without being involved in 9-5 job. Meanwhile, a friend of mine, suggested me to look into stock market investing.

But, I haven’t excited to buy a stock and hold it for long. This made me do my own research and I came across the topic of “Stock trading”.

So, I took a course a enrolled in a course to learn about it. But coincidentally, I met another high school friend of mine and in a short conversion he addressed himself as “FOREX TRADER”.

Frankly, speaking, this term sound cool and quite interesting to me. This made me, ask him more about it and he revealed how he basically make profits out of trading currencies.

I was fascinated and wondering how can I not be aware of it. That day I reached home and started my own research in Google and I collected all the information I need to know about this profession.

Right from the next day, I made my time table and started studying and practicing to be a “FOREX TRADER”.

But it wasn’t easy you know, being a complete beginner to this currency trading world. Meanwhile, I left my previous stock trading course( Honestly, I was more interested in Forex trading rather than trading stocks).

The first month was really hectic for me learning all the new terms, patterns, structure, pips, etc.

On the end of that month, I started enjoying to study and practice them and it goes on and on gaining more and more knowledge and experience in this field.

And now, in this year 2022, it been 1 year since I am in this forex trading . Currently, I trade 4 days a week (I do intra day trading) and make a good profit and rest 3 remaining days I focus on blogging.

That’s how I am doing my work right now.

I didn’t mention any amount so far, as I really don’t want to brag about my earnings.

And I agree, 1 year is nothing to be a trader. I still don’t know many thing about it but with time I will surely work on it.

In the end, I will like  to mention 1 thing especially for those who are struggling, just be consistent at what you are doing right now. Your time will come, My Friend.

My aim with this blog: I basically created this blog to share my trading knowledge and experiences though this blog for educational purpose only.