Unveiling the Shocking Michael Huddleston ICT net Worth- Incredible numbers!

Amidst the dynamic realm of trading and finance, a notable figure has been capturing international attention — Michael Huddleston, more commonly recognized as ICT (Inner Circle Trader).

Like many other profitable traders out there, he is my mentor as well. His concepts ( commonly known as the ICT concepts) and teachings like the Power of 3, daily bias, Order Blocks, FVGs, price, and time theory helped me a lot in becoming a good trader.

Within this article, we will explore the Michael J Huddleston trader net worth, renowned as ICT (Inner Circle Trader), and delve into the captivating narrative underpinning their achievements in the financial domain.

Michael Huddleston ICT net Worth

ICT or Inner circle trader net worth

Michael Huddleston, better known as ICT, has solidified his position as a notable persona in the realm of Forex trading. Although the exact value of his net worth is not publicly disclosed, estimations from credible sources and insiders within the industry suggest it falls within the scope of several million dollars.

Acknowledged as a prosperous trader and a mentor for others like me, Michael J. Huddleston, also known as ICT, is believed to boast a commendable net worth approximated at $25 million.

Michael J Huddleston aka inner circle trader(ICT) additional income source

Apart from his involvement in trading, The Inner Circle Trader (ICT) or  Michael Huddleston benefits from various profitable ventures that add to his considerable net worth.

Notably, his private mentorship program serves as a prominent source, drawing in individuals eager to refine their trading expertise. With fees reportedly surpassing $20,000 per student( I myself wasn’t part of his private mentorship program, instead I opted for a free  2022 ICT Mentorship on his Youtube channel, which is more than enough if you are well aware of the basics of the trading concepts), it’s clear that his mentorship program significantly contributes to his overall income.

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Other than that, Michael Huddleston ICT’s thriving YouTube channel, The Inner Circle Trader, has garnered an impressive following of over 1.02 Million subscribers since its inception 12 years ago.

With a total of 573 uploaded videos to date(2024, 15th January), the channel has become a significant platform in the realm of trading education.

Let’s explore the current net worth and the latest statistics surrounding The Inner Circle Trader’s influential channel.

Earlier, As of 15th Oct, 2023, as per Socialblade.com ICT’s Youtube channel’s maximum monthly earning is estimated to be around $19.2k, and its maximum yearly income is estimated to be around $230.1k. But as far as my observation even Socialblade’s maximum estimation is 30x or 40x less than its actual earnings. So, just use your own Maths and calculate how much this channel has generated with a total view of 77,517,545 ( as of 15th Oct 2023) with a high RPM in this type of finance-related niche.

And now we are in 2024, and I am updating this post on ICT’s actual YouTube earnings from some facts and figures mentioned by ICT himself(at least we are far away from assumptions now on the basis of a YouTube earning estimation tool), one of his community posts published on January 13, 2024(I will add a screenshot ).

There he clearly mentioned, that in 2023 alone, he earned around 310k Dollars in revenue from YouTube and overall he earned around 600k Dollars from his channel just from ad revenue. Here is the screenshot from his Youtube community post,

ICT youtube earning revealed in 2024

Also, you must be aware of the fact that ICT doesn’t share any reference link or joining link or is associated with any kind of affiliate.


Michael Huddleston ICT’s remarkable odyssey epitomizes the boundless opportunities embedded within the finance and trading domain. Emerging from modest origins to claim a spot among the globe’s affluent, his narrative signifies unwavering resolve, persistence, and unparalleled expertise.

Although the exact numbers of Michael J Huddleston net worth remain undisclosed, approximations position his wealth in the bracket of several million USD. Leveraging his private mentorship initiative, YouTube channel, and various income streams, Michael Huddleston ICT persists in fortifying his stature as a prominent luminary in the field.

Please note, that the provided Michael J. Huddleston Ict net worth estimations within this blog post are founded upon accessible data and should be regarded as conjectural. Real figures may differ and are susceptible to fluctuations.